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Architecture & Interiors India

In the 6-page article industry story, Pritesh has been quoted on bathroom wallpaper Collection X. This story has several other industry players like Schell India, Keuco, The BetteLuxe Shape & more. The coverage is attached for your reference. You can view the digital magazine here ( refer to page 21 to 26 for the story) –

The freelance journalist who has written this article has also featured us in her blog –

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The title also publishes news and features on flagship projects around the world; advances in materials and design software; news about suppliers and distributors of international materials available in India and discussions on topical issues affecting the industry. In a factual yet stylish manner, the magazine delivers the latest updates on business issues, alongside leading design trends from around the country and the globe. The publication is designed to enhance its readers’ industry knowledge and provide them with information to help create inspirational designs that make a lasting impact. Architect & Interiors India is circulated to a select readership of architects, interior designers, and specifiers across India, making it an indispensable title for the industry.

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