Vita Moderna studio

Vita Moderna Story

Vita Moderna came to life in 2008 when the demand emerged for luxury furniture and interior design products in high-end residences. Vita Moderna has created some noteworthy benchmarks in the last decade by capitalizing on the possibilities of IF and transforming copious imaginations into reality. It has marked its sophisticated presence in some of Indias uber-exclusive residences and commercial projects.

A team of adept multi-disciplinary interior designers and project coordinators make a pivotal contribution to the principal designer and help deliver their creative vision for the project. The team of Vita Moderna is a fusion of young and experienced professionals who maintain a perfect equilibrium of proven processes and creativity. The team ensures that the project goals are accomplished within the ascertained budget and provide seamless experience to architects, homeowners and designers when it comes to adorning residences with an interplay of furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories, artifacts and fragrances, bringing spaces to life.

Our Founders

Akshay Adhalrao


Akshay Adhalrao is a serial entrepreneur engaged in ventures that are focused on technology, industrial automation, defence systems, luxury and interior design and hospitality. Combining his passion for design with the strong conviction that Indian homes deserve world class interior products, he co-founded Vita Moderna. His innovative approach towards forging new partnerships within the design ecosystem and strong linkages with end clients have been instrumental in Vita Moderna’s growth.

He also serves as the CEO of Dynalog India Ltd – a pioneer in the field of industrial control systems and electronic equipment for defence applications. Dynalog India for more than 3 decades has been the technological backbone for major infrastructure projects in power, oil and gas, transportation, homeland security and defence applications.

Apart from his professional ventures, he continues to serve in leadership roles and undertake initiatives that impact entrepreneurship and rural employment. As a Board Member at Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Pune, Akshay has been instrumental in adding value to entrepreneurs by creating unique learning experiences for them on topics such as leadership, growth, politics and personal productivity. Entrepreneurs Organization is world’s most influential community of more than 14,000 leading entrepreneurs in 196 Chapters across 62 countries.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Akshay believes that entrepreneurs can create huge impact and lead a transformative change. With this belief he has been actively involved in training and skilling rural youth and combining their skill sets with corporates who need skilled workforce

Pritesh Modi

A first-generation entrepreneur with a degree in Management Studies, Pritesh Modi started his journey as an enterprising business development professional. He was instrumental in setting up the distribution network for a renowned Italian brand of wood coatings across India, as the Head of Marketing and Sales. In 2008, emerging opportunities in the luxury home decor space prodded him to concoct the idea of Vita Moderna. This led to the Vita Moderna being one of the early pioneers in bringing international furniture brands to Indian homes. Driven by his passion for travel and exploring new cultures, Pritesh Modi forged strong relationships with Italian brands as he identified the opportunity to connect Indian customers with luxury and internationally designed products. With his valuable experience in customer orientation and strong understanding of the design ecosystem, Pritesh Modi is the soul of Vita Moderna.